Multilingual Support for Our Valued Islamic Community Members,

Dear Muslim Community Members

As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you)!

At Islamic Credit Corporation we are committed to serving the diverse needs of our valued community, especially those who primarily speak languages other than English. We understand the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, and we are thrilled to announce that we now offer translated content and multilingual support to better serve you.
We recognize that clear communication and understanding are essential, especially when it comes to matters of finance and homeownership. To ensure that you have access to all the information you need, we have invested in translating our website and crucial resources into multiple languages, including [list the languages you support]. You can now browse our website, learn about our Sharia-compliant lending services, and access important documents in your preferred language.
Our dedicated customer support team is also equipped to provide assistance in multiple languages, ensuring that you can communicate with us comfortably and confidently. Whether you have questions about our financing options, eligibility criteria, or anything else related to our services, we are here to help.
To take advantage of our multilingual support, simply visit our website and select your preferred language from the language dropdown menu [provide instructions on how to access translated content if applicable]. Additionally, when you contact our customer support team, please let us know your preferred language, and we will make sure you are connected with a representative who can assist you in that language.
We are incredibly grateful for the trust and support you have shown us, and we are committed to continuously improving our services to meet your needs. With our new multilingual support, we hope to strengthen our relationship with each member of our community and provide a seamless and inclusive experience for all.
If there are specific languages you would like to see added to our list of supported languages, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are always striving to enhance our offerings based on your preferences and suggestions.
Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to assisting you in your journey to ethical and Sharia-compliant homeownership.
JazakAllah Khair (may Allah reward you with goodness)!
In establishing Islamic Credit Corporation as a go to trusted brand, our focus is on the following pillars:
  1. Brand transparency: We have made transparency a core value of our brand. We clearly communicate your processes, fees, and the benefits of your Sharia-compliant mortgage products.
  2. Expertise: We have positioned ourselves as experts in Sharia-compliant finance. We will showcase our knowledge of Islamic principles at every opportunity and how they apply to mortgage broking.
  3. Client Testimonials: We encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences and positive feedback. Testimonials will go a long way in building trust with potential customers.
  4. Credentials and Certifications: We highlight any relevant certifications or credentials that demonstrate our commitment to compliance with Sharia principles and ethical practices.
  5. Educational Content: We offer informative content through your website, blog, or social media platforms to educate your audience about Sharia-compliant finance and mortgage options.
  6. Community Involvement: We engage in community events or initiatives that align with our brand values. This significantly helps build credibility and trust within our Islamic community.
  7. Personalized Service: We provide personalised solutions that cater to each client’s unique needs and financial situations.
  8. Security and Privacy: We assure our clients of the security and confidentiality of their information throughout the mortgage application process.
  9. Expertise and Certification: We ensure that our team have the necessary qualifications, expertise, and certifications to handle sharia-compliant mortgages. Display these credentials prominently on your website and marketing materials to instil confidence in your clients.
  10. Transparency: We are transparent in all our dealings, including fees, terms, and conditions. Provide clear explanations of your sharia-compliant mortgage products and services.
  11. Sharia Compliance: We emphasize our commitment to strictly adhering to sharia principles in all aspects of our business. This reassures our customers that their transactions are conducted ethically and in accordance with Islamic finance principles.
  12. Customer Testimonials: We gather positive feedback from our satisfied clients and showcase their testimonials on our website and social media platforms. We have testimonials from customers can go a long way in building trust.
  13. Partnerships and Affiliations: We partner with reputable financial institutions and organizations that are known for their commitment to ethical and sharia-compliant practices. These partnerships have helped enhance our credibility.
  14. Educational Resources: We offer educational resources on our website and through workshops to help our clients better understand sharia-compliant mortgages and the principles behind them. This demonstrates your commitment to client empowerment and financial literacy.
  15. Secure and Confidential: We assure our customers of the security and confidentiality of their personal and financial information. We have implemented robust data protection measures to safeguard their privacy.
  16. Customer Service Excellence: We provide exceptional customer service and are highly responsive to our clients’ needs and enquiries. Positive customer experience has greatly influenced our brand perception.
  17. Community Involvement: We engage in community activities and support initiatives that align with our brand values. Active involvement in the community has helped build trust and a positive reputation.
  18. Clear Brand Identity: We have built and developed a strong and cohesive brand identity that reflects the values of our sharia-compliant mortgage practice. This includes a memorable logo, a consistent colour scheme, and a well-designed website.
  19. Compliance and Regulation: We stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and industry standards. Being compliant with relevant laws and regulations has helped further establish our brand as trustworthy.
  20. We know that building trust takes time, consistency, and a commitment to ethical business practices. We focus on delivering value, maintaining transparency, and serving our customers with integrity to continue to build a brand that is trusted and respected within the sharia-compliant mortgage market